Nature Writing Class with Shinan Barclay

Nature Writing Class with Shinan Barclay


Ant, Bird, Cow. Alaska! Barbados! Chile!

Each name conjures a specific habitat. Through writing prompts, participants will deepen into local haunts and/or detail their outdoor hangouts. With mindful breathing, we’ll reengage our memories of the natural world. Using the mythic, story pattern of Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey,” students will generate poems, stories, narratives, and/or essays. We’ll study ways to begin and end a piece of writing. After engaging with a Douglas fir tree and a mullein plant, we’ll enhance our writing with symbolism, myth and/or Native traditions. By mimicking the techniques of John Muir, Mary Oliver and other nature writers, class members will develop messy drafts and informed pieces of writing. We’ll read and discuss writing that makes a powerful statement for the environment’s well-being. Both indoors and out, this class will adhere to nature’s fundamental imperative: respect.


2018 Summer Class

For more information call SOCC Community Education

(541) 888-7328

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June 28 to August 2,   Thursday  evenings, 6:00-7:50 p.m. $75.00 For more information call SOCC Community Education  (541) 888-7328

Shinan Barclay is the co-author of the Sedona Vortex Experience, and Moontime for Kory. A columnist for the Oregon Senior News, her stories have been translated into six languages.

Suggested text: Dwellings: A Spiritual History of the Living World, by Linda Hogan

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